DELUXE Edition

Every once and a while, we must divert our attention from savings to the world of SPLURGE!!

This a list comprises things that I every once and while we should treat ourselves.

House of Chanel:
The signature Chanel suit for afternoon tea at The Plaza, says that you are worthy of all things great. The tailoring and lines of a Chanel suit are a work of art.

Naseem Khan:
His infusion of sparkle and East meets West are subtle, sophisticated, and brilliant. Equally the jewelry that his wife designs are statement pieces that can compliments his collections.

Tory Burch:
Her designs are simply one of a kind, I can't wait for Spring 2014, her white tunic which was featured at her Spring 2014 show is a statement piece, which worn at evening summer soirees, gives a classic yet elegant look. And who can forget her comfy signature ballet flats. 

DVF- Diane Von Furstenberg:
Her signature wrap dress can never be duplicated, it is truly a one of kind classic look, that flatters any body type.

Dennis Basso:
He is the ultimate in terms of opulence with his use of furs, sequins, and evening looks that will make anyone mouth drop.

Anything that comes from the House of Givenchy is marvelous, from clothing to accessories, to my favorite lip gloss that lasts all night. Barneys New York has the latest collection for presale.

Tory Burch:
Her signature handbags are really wonderful and they last. Her Ella Tote that I bought over three years ago is a great weekender that I put everything from clothes, laptops, iPads, etc. this tote is practical, yet says I have arrived in again a classic Tory Burch understated yet elegant way.

Next to the Birkin bag when a woman has this bag on her shoulder, she has arrived and there is no stopping her at all.

One of a kind art, if you want to wear all black with nude makeup then, arrive with a piece of art from Anuschka. One family member has over four statement bags from this company, because not only the art work on this bag, but the one of kind detail to excellence from this company's stitching, to signature on every bag is worth the price.

Next to the house of Hermes, you can find wonderful one of a kind scarves from museum shops, such as Museum of Modern Art, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and several others.

Warby Parker:
Yes, they are new and affordable, but the quality of the shades and design are excellent.

Our favorites are:
Tory Burch- The orange candle with citrus and grass notes are wonderful.
Nest Fragrances- Anything by Nest is wonderful
Cochine- Wonderful floral scented candles, anyone would appreciate.

Pat La Frieda Steaks- Anyone who eats beef would love these meats.
RAO's Pasta Sauces- The sweet pepper and onion is my favorite.
Galaxy Desserts- The Sticky Buns with Chickory coffee is my favorite.
The Toffee Box- The best and freshest toffee I have eaten.
Lady M- Crepe Cake wonderful!!

OK, we all need to indulge and splurge, those are my picks, print this list out and give it to your husband.

Cheers to indulgence!!!

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