Home Goods Alert: Ramekins

If there is one home good I love are Ramekins.

What are Ramekins- ramekins are porcelain round containers that are used typically used for baking.

However my love for Ramekins extend far beyond a crème bruele,

Mac N Cheese:
Mac N Cheese and serve it to your family or guests, 6 oz. serving of Mac N Cheese is standard and healthy. It will leave guests satisfied without wanting more versus serving it a big casserole dish.

Fruit Pies/ Crisps:
Fall is among us and take your favorite pie filling, line the ramekin with pastry dough, or put a crumble topping on it and bake, wonder/desserts for the fall again without people running to the gym or falling asleep at the dinner table because of a sugar high.

Cereal Bowls:
Cereal even granola has tons of sugar so again a 6 oz. serving will get you going, excellent for the kids as well.

What to serve seafood bisque or gumbo as a first course this is an excellent way to do so, again portion control.

So these are just a few ways, why I love Ramekins!!

Cheers to watching your weight due to Ramekins!!

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