How to Fight Food Cravings!

Some people use food as an emotional release and when they are upset they eat

Also, if you watch enough Food Network or cooking competitions you think you too are headed to the kitchen to try a new recipe or look for food.

Here are some ways I found helpful when faced with food cravings:

1. Ask am I really hungry?
2. If you are upset or anxious about something, ask yourself why are you emotionally upset? Is there anything that you can do in the present moment to change your circumstances? What would you do differently given the opportunity?
3. Also, people can upset you to point where you want to call Domino's- In that instance- Count to 10 and ask yourself why am I allowing myself to be negatively influenced by others?
4. Distract yourself by doing something constructive such as journaling, or doing an art project, or reading a good book.
5. Breathe your way to a good start!

Cheers to fighting those cravings!

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