Keys to a Healthy Body

Now that NYFW is over, every woman is some how on a diet to get the latest model look.

Coming from a family whose family members are models (sorry guys, they are all taken), it can create havoc on your self-esteem.

To keep all things in perspective when you are starting a lifestyle change/weight loss:

1. Do not look at any fashion magazines for three months. Constantly comparing yourself to .0005 percent of a population isn't healthy.
2. Celebrate small wins not by eating, but by taking a selfie for YOU!
3. Get out and walk everyday.
4. Go to a salon and ask to meet with a stylist that can give you a new look. Don't wait until you lose a certain amount of weight. Small wins equals big changes.
5. Continue to swap out unhealthy foods for healthy foods, if you have a sweet tooth, then for dessert have a banana shake with almond milk and a dash of cinnamon. Wonderful!
6. Make your own pizza using veggies for toppings and not sausage or pepperoni.
7. Get your sleep! Sleep deprivation equals an increase in cortisol which is a hormone that is created when people are under stress and contributes to the production of belly fat, belly fat equals higher chance for heart disease.
8. Eliminate as many negative people in your life. When a friend or family member sees that you are on your way to success, then want to invite you to the BBQ buffet, then kindly decline and keep them at a distance.
9. Find support- where ever people are encouraging GO!

Cheers to a Healthy Body and a Healthy Fall!

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