When to "TREAT" Yourself

Many women think that daily grooming is part of "treating themselves."

You are suppose to give yourself weekly facials, replace ratty underwear, exercise and weekly manicures/ pedicures, etc.

But, what is a "TREAT"? A treat is something that is well deserved break from your normal routine.

A treat is not a $5000.00 vacation or 15,000.00 handbag or a box of chocolate candy.
 I have come to realize that treats are little things that in the quiet moments of a hectic day you can enjoy and savor.

My point is the people at POPSUGAR and Fab Fit Fitness curate the most amazing "TREATS" they are all full size products and when you had enough with the day, the white and pink boxes make anyone smile.

So for 38.11 a month with POPSUGAR and 49.99 every 4 months with FFF, the mini treats that you get you look forward to yourself congratulating you on a job well done.

Cheers to economical ways to TREAT yourself.

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