Wish List for Fashion Jewelry

As a former Art History student, museums are my source of inspiration.

Lucky NYC next to Paris and Italy has some of the greatest museums to be inspired.

My favorite artist of all time is Georgia O'Keeffe her work surpassed all forms of beauty and it ranged from silhouettes of "plus size" women to gorgeous flowers.

To all my jewelry designers out there it would be wonderful to see a floral accessory line that is based on the work of O'Keeffe.

I know the floral statement necklace has been done so many times. However, I would love to see large floral earrings based on her work, as I stare at the violet that she painted the vibrancy of the colors are amazing.

Or how about Starry Night earrings in blue lapis encrusted in diamonds, so wonderful!

Looking at The Scream, I would do button earrings in an orange and gray motif.

How would I pay tribute to Michael Angelo?
Crushed blue topaz with white diamonds with a sketch of the St. Peter and a gold cross in the background.

OK, those are my inspirations!

Cheers to honoring the Master of Great Art!

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