FFF VIP BOX: Our Favorite/Fab/ Favorite

Why we love FFF VIP Box!

It's box season and everyone, I am certain has gotten boxes from other subscription companies, but we got our FFF VIP Box and this is why we love it:

1. Gorjana Scarf: It is perfect for the fall and winter months it's a neutral gray with a pop of neon pink, to keep you smiling.

2. Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Cleansing Foam:
If anyone has had the Bliss Triple Oxygen Facial this comes in at a close second.

Time to get in Shape before the Holidays so we have:
Barre 3 Standing Slim DVD and online program, members also get a one -month promo code to access over 100 barre3 online workouts.

4. Starlooks 5 Shade Shadow Palettes:
This eye make up is great because the combos contain matte, sparkle and satin shadows that create wonderful day to night looks!

5. Popcorn! Orville Redenbacher Popcorn:
Great for when you have the case of the munchies, this is a 100 percent whole grain, gluten-free popcorn, which is well worth buying the real thing.

6. Mini Game Packs:
Ever wonder if you were losing it? This game pack is wonderful because it has family-friendly content from the award winning board games, great for you keep you entertained and sharping your skills.

7. Surface Trinity Protein Crème:
Want to keep that blow out without having to worry about harsh chemicals, this product is great because it really keeps your blow out looking sharp and in tact.

8. SpaRitual Lacquer:
Love this nail polish because it is 100 percent vegan free and it has a wonderful shine and dries in no time!

9. Health Warrior Chia Food:
We have all heard of the new "superfood" which is Chia and these bars are no exception, it is wonderful.

10. Drinkwel:
This supplement is great tasting and boasts of Superfruits and Botanicals Blend aid to release all the toxins from your liver.

11. Brighten Up Stickers:
These stickers are great ways for young women to ask the questions of their doctor that always wanted, but where to afraid to ask.

Cheers to a healthy fall/winter and don't forget to sign up for the FFF VIP box which are quarterly!

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