Gifts for Everyone for Under $25.00

Yup!! You read the title right gifts for everyone for under $25.00

You shouldn't dread opening your credit card statements in Dec. then thinking about what you shouldn't have bought.

We scoured the net and did some pricing in the Mall here's what we found:

Teen Girls:
Lace Glitter Head Bands 3 for $5.00
Chloe Perfume two mini bottles for 15.00

Two OPI Nail Polishes with the glitter bands for $15.00

Dry Erase Board of ONE DIRECTION for $3.00
Burt's Bees Lip Balm Packet of 2 for $9.00

Rosetti Crossbody Handbags for $15.00 all colors pewter and purple are my favorite colors!!

Teen Boys:
Young Boys: Carmex Lip Balm and Pocket Size Hand Lotion-- Duane Read $7.50
Microfiber Sheets for their electronics: $10.00
Gift Card for Game Night at Dave and Busters for $25.00
Sports Hat of Favorite Team from Sport Authority: $20.00

Young Adults: College Age til 26
1. Calendars: Men with Cats--Target: 3.00
2. Calendars: Wizard of Oz --Drug Store 5.98
3. Journals and Organizers: Average Price: $15.00--Barnes and Noble
3a. Brownie Mix--Chocolate Mocha for the foodie--9.98--Crate and Barrel
4. Sports Night for those 21 plus Gift Card to BBW--Buffalo Bill's Wings--$25.00 certain nights wings are .60 cents, plus they have two for one specials.

Stress Massagers: Conair is $24.00 at Target
Yoga Classes 5 Pack is : $25.00
Lavender Seeds 1 lb. pack on $25.00
Tea Sets: Harney and Sons: 24.95 English Breakfast set.
Julep Nail Polish Subscription: 19.95 a month, cancel anytime

Those are what we found on our adventures through the Malls and Cyberspace!!

Cheers to Saving Money and Cherishing Family this Holiday Season!

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