Great Pie Crust

It is Fall Pie Season and we all want to know the secret to a great crust.

When, I was making pumpkin pie and yes I use fresh pumpkins!

Anyway, I bought two generic pie crusts, that I noticed I some separation issues. Solution?

Granola Bars...

I just bought a box of granola bars and put them through the blender along with a stick of cold butter to form a paste.

Spread the granola paste on the bottom of pie to reinforce the bottom and you have the most amazing and flavorful pie crust.

Everyone wanted to know the secret to such a great crust. So when you are making your fall pies use the granola paste on the bottom and enjoy the culinary delight.

Additional Secret:

Love Apple Crisp, but don't have time to make the topping yourself?

Take a couple of packets of instant Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal, one stick of cold butter, instantly you have the best crumble topping for your apple crisp.

Cheers to enjoying Fall Pie Season!!

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