Things Google Won't Tell You About Your Next Date

Google is great for letting us know if someone has ever been arrested and where they worked or if they have been in a tabloid.

However these are things that Google won't tell you:

1. How Cheap Is Your Date:
If your date has a good job and on the first date is using a voucher and still into the second is racking up those points on his American Express so he can score Knicks tickets, chances are the relationship is not going to last.

2. If He Has/Had An STD:
No website can legally publish this information, but before you love or even kiss, if he has any noticeable "fever blisters" or "skin tags" or needs to "pick up" something from the drugstore on a biweekly basis, you really need to think twice about this dude.

3. How He Treats the Wait Staff and Door Men:
Chances are if your guy throws tantrums when the waitress doesn't get his order right, or doesn't leave a tip, and can't say Good Evening to the Door Men in his building, he has some major anger issues and you need heed the warning.

4. How he keeps his living space?
Some people are messy but clean, but if the dude says he has "collections" and you think he needs to be on a episode of Hoarders, RUN!

5. Family
We all have DRAMA in our family, but if a guy calls his mother a bitch on the phone or to her face, or the flip side never wants to talk about his family, again RUN!!

I know this isn't happy but we want you Ladies to be AWARE before you purchase the goods.

Cheers to healthy relationships!

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