Things NOT to eat During Thanksgiving

Everyone goes on a juice fast before Thanksgiving, then gorges themselves at Thanksgiving, then January 1, goes on a diet.

Anyway here are something that you shouldn't eat during the holidays to avoid massive weight gain:

1. Pecan Pie- Tempting, delightful, yet one slice has a whopping 1200 calories. PASS
1a. Coconut Custard Pie -- don't even LOOK at it!

2. Sweet Potato Casserole- with the marshmallows on top again way over the 1000 calorie mark

3. Stuffing with pork sausage--terrible not only does it have the bread but the fat from the sausage coating the bread is horrible.

4. Green Bean Casserole-- again with heavy cream and the fried onions on top totally a diet disaster.

Rule of thumb if it is cream based or loaded with salt and sugar, then pass!!!

Cheers to a slimming Thanksgiving!


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