TV Review: Girl Code

Normally, I don't watch television, however while waiting for my clothes to dry, the television was on MTV.

Girl Code on MTV is a panel of your big sisters and big brothers who really care about you, and really tell you how life is about sex, pregnancy, and dating.

Is it vulgar? Nope not all, it is really one of those shows where a young person can relate to and a mature woman can laugh at because at one point we did or thought something dumb.

Birth Control
A couple of things that really stood out was when you and your boyfriend are actually an item, you need to demand that he wears a condom before sex! The guy on the panel explained it that men equate condom as wearing a three piece suit in a shower and 9 out of 10 men won't wear one unless asked.

Pregnancy Scare:
All the panelists agree that a woman at one point of her life has had a pregnancy scare, which forces them to really evaluate the relationship that they are in, would they really want to be connected to this dude for the rest of their life? Can this man provide for them and a child? Things that really need to be thought about WAY before you pee on a stick.

Mean Girl Break Down:
All mean girls are INSECURE, so what they have a boyfriend and the latest clothes and a great career, but they see you having fun painting and they get angry and start to plot. Every woman in the United States can relate to a mean girl, bottom line they need to be put in their place in a nice way and move on.

Well, that's all I caught because my clothes was dry. But, kudos to MTV for Girl Code because it is information that we all need.

Cheers to Girl Code!


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