Your First Thanksgiving at Your Significant Others House

Great you found your soul mate and now he wants to bring you home for Thanksgiving, for family approval.

Here are some tips to get you through the day:

1. Follow the rules of the hostess:
Ask to help politely, but don't expect to carve the turkey and pass out dessert.

2. Get a gift for the family, then for his mother:
Family gift store bought pie-- Little Pie Company is my fave.
Mother a gift --vases always go over well, something small from Waterford or Spode

3. Conversation is easy breezy! don't tell them anything negative about yourself i.e. overcoming an eating disorder, etc. Don't engage in any political, social issue or business matters.

4. Eat a hearty meal before your boyfriend picks you up! His parents can be the worse cooks or you just don't eat what they serve.

5. Dress Conservatively!!! Think Lilly Pulitzer circa 1972, flare dress with a cardigan and pearls. NO  Nail Art!!

6. Leave when your boyfriend gives you the cue, even if you engrossed in a game of Wii or cards.

7. Immediately send a lovely Thank You card in the mail on your way to Black Friday.

Cheers to a great Thanksgiving with your potential in-laws!

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