Gift List: Home Decor: Vases

Again we scoured Manhattan and to find one of kind gifts that you can give your boyfriend's mother, mother in law and his grandmother.

1. Fun:
If they have a sense of humor, we found a Tea Set from Henri Bendel's to be great with the classic brown and white stripes, add in some organic peppermint tea from Harney and Sons you have a wonderful gift.

2. MacKenzie and Childs:
Classic Black and White Checkered Vase with the high glossy finish is an amazing gift. It is a gift where once you see it you immediately knew where it came from and with red roses it makes an awesome centerpiece.

3. Bacarat:
This is worth making an appointment at B&G, they have an amazing staff! Anyone who gets this world class piece of art is someone awesome!

4. Waterford- Lismore Collection
When the light hits certain angles of these champagne flutes or vases, it is the equivalent of diamond's sparkling.
*Fun Fact: Lismore crystal was used in the original film, Breakfast at Tiffany's.

5. Lenox:
Lenox again another classic that tells someone that they are special and thoughtful.

Cheers to the women in your life and to the companies who make them feel so much special!

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