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Foodie Friday: Super Bowl Sunday with a Twist

Super Bowl Sunday is here and we have the traditional menu for you but with twist.

Chilli, Nachos, and Wings

Turkey Chilli:

4 pounds of Organic Ground Turkey Breast
1 large Onion Diced
2 Bell Peppers one Green and One Red
3 cloves of freshly diced garlic
1 bag of dry kidney beans--soaked in beer (Corona) overnight.
3 Tablespoons of Chilli Powder
2 Diced Fresh Tomato's
1 Jar of Tomato Sauce-- We bought Whole Foods Roasted Garlic

1. You must soak the kidney beans for 48 hours, canned beans are not the freshest, and have tons of excess sodium. We soaked our half in water, then the last 2 hours in beer.

2. Season your turkey meat, it is the leanest, but can be bland-- so we bought all natural Chilli Powder from Whole Foods for 5.99. This was flavorful without a lot of heat or salt.

Super Bowl Sunday Morning:

1. Drain all excess liquid from the beans.
2. Bring turkey meat up to room temperature.
3. Dice all veggies.

In a stock pot satue your turkey meat in olive oil until m…

Being Content vs. Being Lazy

When you here many people ask  "Are you content?" immediately they think of a laundry list of things that they want and goals they want to achieve.

However, I learned that being content is not the same as being lazy.

Contentment is a peace that one has during all stages of their lives, some times I have a laundry list of things to do; however I only get 1/3rd done in a day, but I am still content that I achieved some of my goals.

Contentment is developing patience while you are working on a project on in Entertainment--the development process. However, if you wrote one script last year and are waiting for news, be content knowing that you wrote something for submission.

Also, contentment surpasses jealousy and greed. Some people aren't happy until they have what others have or dress or even go the spa as a certain people or date certain people; however it is critical to know that certain people can handle having bodyguards, paparazzi chase them and their children.

Other peo…


Normally, I do not endorse any non- profit or social enterprise that I do not believe in; however after reading Bill Gates letter about the three myths of poverty, I came up with my own list.

1. Operation Fistula-
Two years ago I met this young financier who moved to London to "make serious cash, instead he started an organization devoted to maternal and women's reproductive rights in Africa. Not only do they provide women in Sub-Shahran Africa with needed medicine and surgery, after their healing process, they are immediately enrolled in entrepreneurial classes, these women have gone on to become so successful that they have even opened up hotels in their communities.

2. Iredescent Learning-
Again two years ago, I was a day mentor to a group of high school girls, who after school learned web based technology and developed their own apps. Although, I am not a techie I did give them my extensive business expertise on what investors look for when hearing pitches. One of the aspects…

Bitch Out: Practical Way Women Can Help Each Other

We know it isn't the month of March, but there are some practical ways in which women can help each other:

In the course of my career(s) this is the attitude that I have found to be true by most women:

Highly Successful Women:
1.Can't stand when women ask her to "be her mentor."

2. When at conferences they will note that the young men will always ask business related questions.

3. They also note that men would be the ones to take initiatives and work toward the common goal of a specific need of that business unit.

4. They often mentor young women who don't need it, didn't ask for it and aren't appreciative of it.

5. They have "I'm" the only one syndrome, this is especially the case in male dominated fields, they don't have a pool of like-minded women who they are grooming or can easily make a recommendation for when asked.

6. The majority of women, believe that all minority women, especially black women are successful because of "A…

Beauty Spot: January Products We Love!!

Here are the products that we tried and we love!

We are celebrating the Pantone Color of the Year: Orchid! The Foot Soak along with the Foot File and Instant Warming Cream is heaven on Earth! This vegan nail polish lasted all week without any retouching, while doing house work.

That's all for our January Beauty Spot Finds!

Cheers to all our amazing January Beauty Spot Finds, which are great and great prep work for Valentine's Day!

Overcomimg the Winter Blues

We discussed the 21 Days to a New You and now everyone wants to go and hibernate.

Now, the winter is the perfect time to GO OUT!!!

The people you are more likely to meet while you are out are more than likely the most positive people, reason they understand and have great empathy to slug through snow and ice for interviews, networking meetings, and dates.

Besides it shows great dedication on your part.

So don't pull the covers over your head and give into the Winter Blues, practice makes perfect, so get into a routine and START MOVING!!

Also make a weekly appointment to get a pedicure from now, when March comes around prices sky rocket because technicians are charging for pretty bad feet.

Cheers to beating WINTER BLUES see ya around!

21 Days to a New You: Recap

We made it!!

21 Days and I hope everyone has seen positive results in their lives so far, just keep repeating the steps until it is engrained into your being.

We all have days when we falter, but get back up and start again, the key is not giving up!

The key is continually strive to be the most positive everyday.

Even when the situation around you maybe negative focus on your goals and KEEP MOVING!!

We wish you all the best and loads of POSITIVITY!!

Cheers to a New You!

21 Days to a New You: Self-Care

Stress related illness are a pandemic in the United States. Everyone is stressed out and burned out, but why?

We don't take care of ourselves, many women especially think that grooming- hair done, mani/pedi, eyebrows wax is pampering it is NOT it is GROOMING!!

Self-care is turning off the television, telling people you are going to sleep at a decent hour, and not doing frivolous things. Self care is getting a message, self care is exercising, lighting aromatherapy candles and mediating, or crafting in silence.

Many of us need to not answer our phones, and tell our business associates we will answer their e-mails in the morning, if not we are headed for all types of auto- immune diseases and other severe diseases that are brought on by stress!

Cheers to self-care!

21 Days to a New You: Giving

NO!! I am NOT going to give you a lecture on how you should feel guilty to give. Or that you should give away everything to a some cause.

However, I was incredibly burnt out at the end of last year and I was resenting the holidays. Until, I read this amazing book--GIVE and TAKE by Adam Grant. He is a Wharton Professor, who actually studied the most successful people at the least successful people in the world and they were all givers.

I am a type of a person, if I hear of a need I am going to find a solution, I can't stand complaining!

In the book GIVE and TAKE he classifies people into three categories:
1. Takers
2. Matchers
3. Givers

Takers: Takers are people who take from you until you are either in the hospital or bankrupt, they only look out for themselves and their interests solely. A taker will not help you!

Matchers: Matchers are people who give to you only if they are getting something back directly I return, I will associate with this group of people because they are on …

21 Days to a New You: Clothes

Remember the Oprah Winfrey Show makeover's?

They found people who stuck in what seemed like the pre-historic age or others who were 50 wearing their teenage daughters clothes.

Huh?? We live now in an age where you can look current and fresh and appropriate on every level.

However, if you need assistance on updating your wardrobe then go to Nordstrom, Nieman Marcus, Dillard's and high end department store and ask to speak with a personal shopper, they will surely measure you and show you the latest styles that compliment you body type and lifestyle.

If you don't have time for that then, there are stylist companies such as Keaton Row, whose stylist are well versed in fashion and would be more than happy to work with you according to their hourly fee.

Cheers to sprucing up your wardrobe!

21 Days to a New You: Emotional Stuff

You have been talking about your ex or about how someone cheated you out of a contract and that was in 1999.

I know let it go!! If you can't stand certain family members and they refuse to respect you, then in business declare bankruptcy on that relationship and move on.

What I realized the more we hold on to negative emotions and recalling the past everyday, we can't allow the goodness and the healing to flow into our lives, so let it GO!!

A great book and I am sure everyone has heard of it is The Power of Now, it simply states live in the present moment, past is gone and you can't control the future.

We are in a new year and if you have to tell your friends and family, please don't ever let me talk about this again, when you start don't be surprised if they hang up the phone on you.

Cheers to keeping and maintaining healthy emotions!

21 Days to a New You: New Activity

You have a great job or starting that dream career, your health and diet are on track, you eliminated the negative external environment, now what??

Try something new! Research shows that people who try a variety of things have sharper mental functioning than those who are stuck in a routine.

So, what do you do?
1. I know I always wanted to learn how to ride a bike--Don't laugh, I never learned because my adult sisters always made fun of me, yes there is a 13 year age difference between my siblings.

2. Take a dance class for fun! Alvin Ailey offers dance classes for the general public and anyone can come dance or one session or four.

3. Take a math class or a writing class.

4. Learn how to make a new dish or try a new dish.

5. Have a formal Sunday Dinner with your Lenox China and Waterford Crystal for 21 days.

Cheers to new activities!

21 Days to a New You: Diet

Everyone gains weight during the holidays! However, we don't have to keep it on or justify unhealthy eating habits.

Most physicians and nutrionists will tell you to incorporate "super foods" and you will leave their office with a laundry list of things that you never heard of, by the time you get to the supermarket, you are so overwhelmed that you end up buying frozen pizza and wings.

Here's what you do:

1. Incorporate one super food into your diet once a week for 21 days.
2. Cook with a variety of super foods--coconut oil and kale are great super foods, make a delicious kale stew with using coconut oil as your base to sauté the kale and other veggies.
3. For breakfast have oatmeal, sprinkle a teaspoon of flaxseed, teaspoon of coconut oil, and agave nectar.
4. Try Meatless Monday's for one meal.
5. Salads throw in avocado.
6. Baking try baking a spice cake with sugar free cake mix.
7. Eat the biggest meal during the day lunch, when you get home have some fruit o…

Foodie Friday: Shepard's Pie and Hot Toddy

In the Northeast of the United States it is very cold, and we tend to gravitate to hearty meals during these months.

We pulled out one European Meal that is served during the harsh winter months.

Shepard's Pie:
1 pound turkey sausage
1 package of frozen veggies
1/4 cup of tomato sauce
2 cloves of fresh garlic
1 Bell Pepper
2 Tablespoons of Olive Oil
2 pounds of Idaho Potato's
1 package of baked potato seasoning mix
1/4 cup of sharp cheddar cheese

In a skillet:
Pour the olive oil, garlic, bell pepper, and turkey sausage until the meat is thoroughly cooked no PINK!
Scrub and boil the potato's until cooked
Prepare the frozen veggies as directed and drain
Prepare the potato's as mashed potato's using vegetable or chicken stock not butter, milk or sour cream.
In a pie plate put the meat mixture on the bottom, then layer it with the veggies, the top with the mash potato's and sprinkle the baked potato seasoning on top and the 1/4 cup of sharp cheddar cheese.
Bake at …

21 Days to a New You: Dating

I tried online dating, offline dating, going to a faith based community, volunteering to find my like minded soul mate.

Guess what?? I'm still SINGLE!

Many of men and women want that perfect person that compliments us in every way. However, I truly believe once we pray or put our intentions out in the Universe, at right time, the right person will appear and we really wouldn't know how they got into our lives.

I have met several women/men who met a guy with a good job and then they were planning their wedding with the dude/woman, only to find out that they would have better off waiting just little bit longer.

I firmly believe the person that who I am to marry is already pre-ordained for me and at the right time I will meet him. But, if I act out of desperation then I may be filled with lifetime of regrets.

Cheers to waiting and believing in our soul mates!

21 Days to a New You: Your Career

So your at a Cross Road: Dead End Career or Start Your Business?

Or you applied to 350 jobs and they want to you to still intern?

What do you do?

Do what you are good at that won't require a lot of capital investment.

The true reason why I start the love of my life: Positivexpert.

I couldn't find a job and I happened to get sick, but the only thing that kept me going and brought joy into my world, was when I was writing and sharing my knowledge with the world. It has lead to some pretty amazing opportunities!

Stay tuned more to come....

So, you can go to expensive self-help guru's and people who call themselves "career counselors" who only wrote one resume. But, intuitively you know what your ultimate career path is even if you do it on a part-time basis.

Cheers to a finding yourself and work that is meaningful!

21 Days to a New You: Financial Matters

We all are facing Christmas and even pre Christmas bills. So what do we do?

Figure out what got you into debt in the first place:
1. Did you see an friend parade around in a new outfit everyday and felt you deserved the same outfit.
"Keeping Up with the Joneses= Jealousy"

2. Were you angry that your income dropped significantly, but were spending from before you got a pay cut?
Income adjustment--I learned that 14.95 Walmart Jeans fit so much better than designer jeans.
I love clearance especially for the things that I truly need and I treat myself to certain items once and a while. Try different apps such as Hukkster,, etc. Buy sweaters in the summer when they are $9.00, etc.

3. Call all of your creditors and enroll in credit counseling.

4. Buy Clark Howard's book: Living Large for the Long Haul-- amazing read and well worth the money.

Think of new ways to generate income-- we have a surprise for all of our readers!!!

5. Learn to send e-mails or simply s…

21 Days to New You! : Change Your External Environment

Hey Posititive Peeps!

Everyone is doing the 21 Day Juice Fast, No Sugar Fast, or No Meat Fast. We are doing a 21 Day Negativity Fast!

We noticed that people were a lot more anxious and on edge last year, some people say it was because it was the year "13."

We truly believe that a lot of people allowed to be sucked into negativity and became unbearably negative.

So for Day One Limit Your External Environment:
No News or Gossip Sites for 21 Days, I know we all want to know the whereabouts of certain people. We need to condition our mind to receive as much positive information as feeling as possible.

If you are hunkered down because of the frigid temperatures, don't give into marathon's of certain negative shows or hours of news.

The most profound book that I ever read pertaining to this was written by Bryon Katie,  she ask simple questions she asks of everyone:

Whose business are you in?
Your business
Other People's Business
or God's Business.

The more we focus…

The Proper Use of the Law of Attraction

OK, How many of us have used "The Law of Attraction" at some point of our lives.

I had this friend who cut out every Ryan Gosling picture because that who she was going to married, until one day she read that he was madly in love with Eva Mendes.

The premise is not a bad one, think great and positive thoughts and whatever you think about and mediate on that's what will manifest in your life.

However, like my friend how many of us think and mediate but aren't really specific, such as I want a million dollars, then your favorite uncle dies and leaves you a million dollars, I am certain that you would rather have your favorite uncle around.

When we hope and intend for things, we should be as specific and as positive as we can be and nothing should be done out of desperation.

Even if you want that soul mate, job, business, or contract, you should really never use the these laws out of desperation, because as my mother would say, all that glitters isn't "gold.&qu…

Foodie Friday: Mocha Brownies and Caramel Glaze

We all are going to loose weight this YEAR!!

However, we still have baking mixes left over from the holidays.

I know I had a big things Mocha Brownie Mix that I didn't use so, I made the mocha brownies extra special I steeped some espresso and threw that in the batch.

I bake brownies in cupcake holders because brownie pans never seem to work for me, anyway, I had a jar of Dulce de Leche caramel leftover as well.

When the brownies cooled I  frosted them with the Dulce de Leche and sprinkled some coarse sea salt on them.

You don't need your morning coffee because it is already baked into the brownie!!

Cheers to delicious leftovers!!