21 Days to a New You: Dating

I tried online dating, offline dating, going to a faith based community, volunteering to find my like minded soul mate.

Guess what?? I'm still SINGLE!

Many of men and women want that perfect person that compliments us in every way. However, I truly believe once we pray or put our intentions out in the Universe, at right time, the right person will appear and we really wouldn't know how they got into our lives.

I have met several women/men who met a guy with a good job and then they were planning their wedding with the dude/woman, only to find out that they would have better off waiting just little bit longer.

I firmly believe the person that who I am to marry is already pre-ordained for me and at the right time I will meet him. But, if I act out of desperation then I may be filled with lifetime of regrets.

Cheers to waiting and believing in our soul mates!

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