21 Days to a New You: Emotional Stuff

You have been talking about your ex or about how someone cheated you out of a contract and that was in 1999.

I know let it go!! If you can't stand certain family members and they refuse to respect you, then in business declare bankruptcy on that relationship and move on.

What I realized the more we hold on to negative emotions and recalling the past everyday, we can't allow the goodness and the healing to flow into our lives, so let it GO!!

A great book and I am sure everyone has heard of it is The Power of Now, it simply states live in the present moment, past is gone and you can't control the future.

We are in a new year and if you have to tell your friends and family, please don't ever let me talk about this again, when you start don't be surprised if they hang up the phone on you.

Cheers to keeping and maintaining healthy emotions!

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