21 Days to a New You: Financial Matters

We all are facing Christmas and even pre Christmas bills. So what do we do?

Figure out what got you into debt in the first place:
1. Did you see an friend parade around in a new outfit everyday and felt you deserved the same outfit.
"Keeping Up with the Joneses= Jealousy"

2. Were you angry that your income dropped significantly, but were spending from before you got a pay cut?
Income adjustment--I learned that 14.95 Walmart Jeans fit so much better than designer jeans.
I love clearance especially for the things that I truly need and I treat myself to certain items once and a while. Try different apps such as Hukkster, retailmeknot.com, etc. Buy sweaters in the summer when they are $9.00, etc.

3. Call all of your creditors and enroll in credit counseling.

4. Buy Clark Howard's book: Living Large for the Long Haul-- amazing read and well worth the money.

Think of new ways to generate income-- we have a surprise for all of our readers!!!

5. Learn to send e-mails or simply say a heart felt "thank you." I learned that many people outside of the holiday season are very suspect when you give them a gift. Save your money and gain self respect!

6. After watching numerous Restaurant Impossible shows, where people are serving customers food with vermin, even Michelin star places. I learned to become an excellent home cook. I can cook almost any type of cuisine. Want to learn how to prepare sushi.

7. If you do go on a buying spree, assess what you bought after you bought it and when necessary return as much as you can!

8. Trends are big but buy only one key statement piece: Pantone Color of the Year is Orchid or Purple, you will see I did buy an awesome statement piece, with a few nail polishes in that color.

9. When you save toward a vacation, car, home, or something of significance you feel so much better than having to feel guilty or say what was I thinking, when you made a particular purchase?

Cheers a financial freedom!


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