21 Days to a New You: Giving

NO!! I am NOT going to give you a lecture on how you should feel guilty to give. Or that you should give away everything to a some cause.

However, I was incredibly burnt out at the end of last year and I was resenting the holidays. Until, I read this amazing book--GIVE and TAKE by Adam Grant. He is a Wharton Professor, who actually studied the most successful people at the least successful people in the world and they were all givers.

I am a type of a person, if I hear of a need I am going to find a solution, I can't stand complaining!

In the book GIVE and TAKE he classifies people into three categories:
1. Takers
2. Matchers
3. Givers

Takers: Takers are people who take from you until you are either in the hospital or bankrupt, they only look out for themselves and their interests solely. A taker will not help you!

Matchers: Matchers are people who give to you only if they are getting something back directly I return, I will associate with this group of people because they are on the fast track, or I want my kids to associate with "Janey's" kids because "Janey" has a summer home in the Hamptons, we ALL know them!

Givers: Givers are people whose natural inclination is to help people, the most successful givers are givers who screen people who are insincere out of their lives immediately.

We can detect insincerity use your radar--if takers and matchers within the first 5 min. are always talking about themselves and their agenda and not about the health of an organization, or when doing a presentation about themselves and not what they can do for a client or when they do volunteer they always find ways to complain about volunteering--stay clear from these people!

However in this book GIVE and TAKE, Grant points out that people who volunteer 2 hours per week have just as much joy as though who volunteer 10 hours and head up committee's, etc. Another key point are givers always honor their word! They also give directly to people who need it the most and could never repay them or feel obligated to repay them in a million years.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the book, that brought me back to my senses with a renewed outlook on life and on who and where my time and resources are allocated.

Cheers to Giving without Regrets!

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