21 Days to a New You: New Activity

You have a great job or starting that dream career, your health and diet are on track, you eliminated the negative external environment, now what??

Try something new! Research shows that people who try a variety of things have sharper mental functioning than those who are stuck in a routine.

So, what do you do?
1. I know I always wanted to learn how to ride a bike--Don't laugh, I never learned because my adult sisters always made fun of me, yes there is a 13 year age difference between my siblings.

2. Take a dance class for fun! Alvin Ailey offers dance classes for the general public and anyone can come dance or one session or four.

3. Take a math class or a writing class.

4. Learn how to make a new dish or try a new dish.

5. Have a formal Sunday Dinner with your Lenox China and Waterford Crystal for 21 days.

Cheers to new activities!

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