21 Days to a New You: Self-Care

Stress related illness are a pandemic in the United States. Everyone is stressed out and burned out, but why?

We don't take care of ourselves, many women especially think that grooming- hair done, mani/pedi, eyebrows wax is pampering it is NOT it is GROOMING!!

Self-care is turning off the television, telling people you are going to sleep at a decent hour, and not doing frivolous things. Self care is getting a message, self care is exercising, lighting aromatherapy candles and mediating, or crafting in silence.

Many of us need to not answer our phones, and tell our business associates we will answer their e-mails in the morning, if not we are headed for all types of auto- immune diseases and other severe diseases that are brought on by stress!

Cheers to self-care!

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