21 Days to a New You: Your Career

So your at a Cross Road: Dead End Career or Start Your Business?

Or you applied to 350 jobs and they want to you to still intern?

What do you do?

Do what you are good at that won't require a lot of capital investment.

The true reason why I start the love of my life: Positivexpert.

I couldn't find a job and I happened to get sick, but the only thing that kept me going and brought joy into my world, was when I was writing and sharing my knowledge with the world. It has lead to some pretty amazing opportunities!

Stay tuned more to come....

So, you can go to expensive self-help guru's and people who call themselves "career counselors" who only wrote one resume. But, intuitively you know what your ultimate career path is even if you do it on a part-time basis.

Cheers to a finding yourself and work that is meaningful!

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