Being Content vs. Being Lazy

When you here many people ask  "Are you content?" immediately they think of a laundry list of things that they want and goals they want to achieve.

However, I learned that being content is not the same as being lazy.

Contentment is a peace that one has during all stages of their lives, some times I have a laundry list of things to do; however I only get 1/3rd done in a day, but I am still content that I achieved some of my goals.

Contentment is developing patience while you are working on a project on in Entertainment--the development process. However, if you wrote one script last year and are waiting for news, be content knowing that you wrote something for submission.

Also, contentment surpasses jealousy and greed. Some people aren't happy until they have what others have or dress or even go the spa as a certain people or date certain people; however it is critical to know that certain people can handle having bodyguards, paparazzi chase them and their children.

Other people can't, I know I was at critical point if I should go full time into acting or pursue writing.

Several incidents happened when I knew acting was not for me---I was doing one women shows, and poetry readings,  people would bombard me afterwards about my next show, men I didn't know wanted to date me, and the icing on the cake when I was in a restaurant eating and a group of women came in and harassed me asking me for autographs and the details of my next show.

No one is ever going to stalk a show runner, a screenwriter, or novelist, we can walk down streets in peace and we don't need bodyguards.

Some people ask do I miss those day, NO I am CONTENT as a writer..

So my question to you is are you CONTENT?

Cheers to finding contentment!

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