Bitch Out: Practical Way Women Can Help Each Other

We know it isn't the month of March, but there are some practical ways in which women can help each other:

In the course of my career(s) this is the attitude that I have found to be true by most women:

Highly Successful Women:
1.Can't stand when women ask her to "be her mentor."

2. When at conferences they will note that the young men will always ask business related questions.

3. They also note that men would be the ones to take initiatives and work toward the common goal of a specific need of that business unit.

4. They often mentor young women who don't need it, didn't ask for it and aren't appreciative of it.

5. They have "I'm" the only one syndrome, this is especially the case in male dominated fields, they don't have a pool of like-minded women who they are grooming or can easily make a recommendation for when asked.

6. The majority of women, believe that all minority women, especially black women are successful because of "Affirmative Action." This is why I loved working in financial services because if you don't pass certain security licensing exams, you don't have a job-- Black, white, Asian, Hispanic, etc. if you don't know what a derivative is and can't trade  or can't explain Managerial Accounting from Financial Accounting, if you aren't a licensed CPA, then you don't have a job. There isn't any affirmative action or sleeping with boss that would over look incompetence.

7. Women can't control their jealousy. We see another women get a promotion they slept around, if we see another women loose a lot of weight, we can do that to, instead of supporting and congratulating them we let our insecurity show through jealousy.

Here is how women can help women:

1. When another women asks for mentorship and you really can't provide it, or don't feel a "connection with that woman." Ask her what specifically do you need help in? Tell her Make a list and send it to me. If this person is serious she would do it, and it is then your responsibility to assist in anyway, you can and then say, due to my busy schedule this is all I am able to offer at this time, best wishes.

2. If you are a women keynote speaker at a conference, put out a helpful hints page before the conference:
1. I will answer the following questions related to this topic...
2. Please come up with ways in which you think, if you were an employee at ...would help our business
3. When you introduce yourself, no product pitches, just name and relevant question.

3. It has been my experience when I was involved in this so called women's writing group, that the founder of the group was only interested in helping people, who didn't need help. Once instance she would over promote anyone who went to  Harvard, Princeton or Yale, anyone coming from those schools don't need assistance when they have an alumni directory.

4. How you can practically help?
As, in the book Give and Take by Adam M. Grant, help those who are eager to learn, have a global vision, and aren't takers.
I love to share information, so I have this blog and when a forum comes up in one of my other blogging communities that I have expertise in, I will share whoever takes the information that is their business.
Lastly, I promote products that I believe in and keep to my word when I say I will offer assistance. However, I always ask the person what specifically, they may need assistance in, this way if I can't be of assistance, I make a referral.

5. When I see minority women who have earned their stripes, I congratulate them because even not being a minority women is hard far less having that additionally baggage of always having to prove yourself.

Cheers and I sincerely hope that as women we would BITCH OUT !

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