Foodie Friday: Super Bowl Sunday with a Twist

Super Bowl Sunday is here and we have the traditional menu for you but with twist.

Chilli, Nachos, and Wings

Turkey Chilli:

4 pounds of Organic Ground Turkey Breast
1 large Onion Diced
2 Bell Peppers one Green and One Red
3 cloves of freshly diced garlic
1 bag of dry kidney beans--soaked in beer (Corona) overnight.
3 Tablespoons of Chilli Powder
2 Diced Fresh Tomato's
1 Jar of Tomato Sauce-- We bought Whole Foods Roasted Garlic

1. You must soak the kidney beans for 48 hours, canned beans are not the freshest, and have tons of excess sodium. We soaked our half in water, then the last 2 hours in beer.

2. Season your turkey meat, it is the leanest, but can be bland-- so we bought all natural Chilli Powder from Whole Foods for 5.99. This was flavorful without a lot of heat or salt.

Super Bowl Sunday Morning:

1. Drain all excess liquid from the beans.
2. Bring turkey meat up to room temperature.
3. Dice all veggies.

In a stock pot satue your turkey meat in olive oil until medium cooked, the put in the veggies, then add your beans and stir, then slowly add the liquid.

Add the Tomato Sauce and tomato's together and stir.

Add one bottle of Corona or your beer of choice

Let the pot simmer until game time serve hot with a choice of toppings on the side.


You can take regular tortilla chips or cut  tortillas into 1/8 ths and bake with Olive Oil to cut the hidden sodium content.

When chips are nice and brown, add you chilli onto the chips and bake at 350 with cheese for 10 min.

This way the chips are twice baked and wouldn't be soggy because of the Chili.

Everyone loves a good wing with their chili and nachos. But with so many flavor profiles on the market now we decided to go Indian and make Tandoori Spiced Wings. Tandoori is the equivalent to Indian BBQ and is normally served the roasted bread, and yogurt sauce.

1. 5 lbs. of Chicken Wings rinsed and washed in lemon juice and vinegar.
2. 3 Packets of Tandoori Spice Seasoning again we bought ours at Whole Foods.
3. Coat Chicken Wings with Olive Oil and add Tandoori Spice and marinade for a day.
4. Game Day take out Wings bake at 350 degrees until thoroughly cooked.

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