Normally, I do not endorse any non- profit or social enterprise that I do not believe in; however after reading Bill Gates letter about the three myths of poverty, I came up with my own list.

1. Operation Fistula-
Two years ago I met this young financier who moved to London to "make serious cash, instead he started an organization devoted to maternal and women's reproductive rights in Africa. Not only do they provide women in Sub-Shahran Africa with needed medicine and surgery, after their healing process, they are immediately enrolled in entrepreneurial classes, these women have gone on to become so successful that they have even opened up hotels in their communities.

2. Iredescent Learning-
Again two years ago, I was a day mentor to a group of high school girls, who after school learned web based technology and developed their own apps. Although, I am not a techie I did give them my extensive business expertise on what investors look for when hearing pitches. One of the aspects that I love about this organization is it is exposing technology to girls at a young age and daring them to think outside of the box. Also, the group does STEM classes with families so as your child is learning about the latest technology, so are you.

3. Code Academy-
No, I haven't met the founders, however the brains behind this organization realized the need for more coders and more engineers as we become a more connected society. So they have made coding classes free for anyone who wants to code, and believe me if you want to blog and use WordPress you need to know HTML.

4. X Prize-
Wow, I did a lot two years ago, however this organization is where you will find the best physicist, medical doctors, and technologist. I did attend a press briefing where they informed the audience of the latest developments in medical technology--fascinating. Why is it called the X Prize? Because they do have contest related to specific areas for the betterment of humanity and put out briefs along with a monetary prize to get the work/ company funded.

5.Warby Parker-
Everyone knows about this amazing eye glass company. However, did you know that they will go into inner cities and get school children eyes tested for free and then outfit them with a free pair of glasses. Reading is fundamental, but something as simple as eye glasses hinder a child's development.

So, those are our GOOD=GOOD list, we know there are so many others out there so continue to keep up the GOOD!

Cheers to if you focus on GOOD, GOOD will come!

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