The Proper Use of the Law of Attraction

OK, How many of us have used "The Law of Attraction" at some point of our lives.

I had this friend who cut out every Ryan Gosling picture because that who she was going to married, until one day she read that he was madly in love with Eva Mendes.

The premise is not a bad one, think great and positive thoughts and whatever you think about and mediate on that's what will manifest in your life.

However, like my friend how many of us think and mediate but aren't really specific, such as I want a million dollars, then your favorite uncle dies and leaves you a million dollars, I am certain that you would rather have your favorite uncle around.

When we hope and intend for things, we should be as specific and as positive as we can be and nothing should be done out of desperation.

Even if you want that soul mate, job, business, or contract, you should really never use the these laws out of desperation, because as my mother would say, all that glitters isn't "gold."

In closing we all should have clearly defined goals for 2014, but in putting our intentions or thinking about things we should really say, whatever is in my best interest...that's when our truest intentions are manifested.

Cheers to proper manifestation of our dreams and goals!

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