Results on Our Social Experiment: Days One and Two

So last week we set on an adventure to find as many free and fun events and attend them in NYC.

Last week we hit gold:

1. We were invited to the App Nexus Movemember Launch Party in the Flatiron District.
The founder of Movember was there explaining why we created the movement. The Movemember movement is a Mens Health iniative because the second leading cause of death for men is prostate and testicular cancer, which if caught through early detection can save so many men. So starting Nov. 1 men are required to shave all facial hair and grow a moustache and get screened.
Was this event fun? The live jazz was amazing and the bassist was so into his music, he made me loose myself into his groove.

2. The second event we got an invite was the Glamour and Lord and Taylor Beauty Event.
This event was all about the pucker the lip and how to attain goregous lips using various brands. They gave a great swag bag and a 25.00 gift card that you had to use that night, the music was a club feel, they had passed chocolates and and champagne and I used my gift card toward a Dior Lip Gloss Flaming Red.

This was fun because the woman were positive and upbeat. If you want a great all natural look stop by the Trish McEnvoy counter, wear Eileen will do amazing things with that brand from all natural to the nude look she is a pro. If you want a more glammed out appearance then go to Cynthia at the Dior counter, she does amazing things in terms of date night and if you have to go to a gala. If you want that special scent stop by the Dolce and Gabanna Counter and Victor would have smelling so sensual and yet flirty.

It is the flagship Lord and Taylor store right next to Bryant Park and next to big library.

Cheers to our two days and our quest on having fun on dime in NYC!!!

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