Second Chances??

It seems as though people are on steroid CRAZY!! these days, I don't even read or watch the newspaper because of it seems as though someone has done something beyond bizarre.

So, as a person who wears her heart on her wrist, do you ever give a person or an institution a second chance?

Here are my rules:

1. We live in a working environment where the less qualified someone the more than likely they will get a job because it is cheap labor; however because those people are grossly incompentent they will take out their frustration on you the person. In this case I leave those people alone, do you support the institution is the question?
It depends what you are going to get out of it... I went to a free or a $7.00 event at an institution that has one person who is so incompentent people laugh in his face, but I was there for a reason, and ended up getting not only free swag but three business contacts. So, don't let one person ruin your chance for a having a good time or getting contacts you really need.

2.  What about personal? Should I ever date or remarry an ex?
NO NEVER!!! If it didn't work out the first time chances are it will never work out  don't repeat history. And if you have a habit of gravitating toward men in a certain industry whatever that industry is in which your ex was a part of break out all together, I have seen this birds of a feather flock together. So, if you were dating a doctor, a lawyer, a techie and have had consistently bad experiences with those men in that field, really run for the hills and date outside your comfort zone.

3. What about family?
This one is tricky, if you have a family member who is prone to erratic behavior never have anything to do with them. Many people who have erratic behavior are asystomatic in terms of mental illness and unless there is a clear diganosis, then you should avoid all contact with them unless you are in a mixed group with people who don't the person, therefore if they were to act out there will be independent witnesses who are more than likely to call for help.

So, there is my take on when and why second chances are needed....


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