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Why Specialty Boxes Are On the Decline?

A few short years ago everyone couldn't wait when their POPSUGAR, BIRCHBOX, or other specialty boxes arrived.

I know at one point I was up to 10 subscription boxes with our monthly battle of the boxes posts.

But as the market shifted people really don't like subscription boxes anymore and here are some reasons:

1. If you live in a major city then you can go to any store and get the same products without shipping and handling.

2. Many people choose to go shopping now to determine if the shopping experience including customer service was worth spending money on that product, which most beauty brands give to subscription boxes.

3. Customers know when beauty brands that were "stale" are trying to rebrand themselves by giving beauty samples or promotional items to vendors.

4. Certain customers express that they would love to see new products and gift cards not coupons to retailers, without knowing that many new businesses can't afford to give away anything in terms of…

Fun Things to Do in NYC

We found a list of things that you should check out during the summer months in NYC.

1. Surfing Lessons-
Yes, there is a bus that leaves from the LES round trip 40.00 to surf learn and surf the entire day in the Rockaways, you should also check out the Arepa and fish taco stand with watermelon agua fresca while you are out there.

2. Daybreakers
Before step and repeats and Celebrity DJ's who use an Apple playlist, Bottle Service, there was a place where you can go and enjoy yourself and just dance. We found that Daybreakers have exactly just that kind of feel, just go and dance and not be bothered about others, yes you socialize no silent disco's but the vibe is so good it is addicting.

3. Private and Art Clubs
There are several private clubs that have a small intimate setting where people discuss topics over a meal, think old European Salon's- Fairweather Access and Culturehoarde come to mind when I think about these exclusive escapes from the daily grind, with people who …

We Heart This for August....

It is that time again when we give you the best of the best in terms of what we sampled and thought was really great.

Food and Drink:
Move Over Procesco it is Moscato!

This is a sweet bubbly Italian wine that goes great with spicy food, without giving your mouth a tingle after you had an alcoholic beverage.

Loacker Noir Orange:
Think of an English tea biscuit with orange cream covered it dark chocolate, it is great treat, serve it cold for the summer months.

Cold Beet Juice:
Yes, we must include something healthy, after you finished boiling beets and have that liquid, get a clean pitcher and put it in the fridge, it is refreshing and great for blood pressure!

Seasonal Fruit Pies: Stone Fruit and Pineapple
Use these fresh fruits with a red wine reduction and with a Brown Sugar and Granola topping.
Excellent- Bake Open Face, it you want a crust then use a frozen whole wheat dough from Whole Foods.

Elizabeth Arden: Lip Gloss Bright Purple- Violet, Put this over a dark be…

Traits to look for in Business Partner

Many people have great ideas and many VC's force people to act in a team, they want to see that you work well together to build a company.

Well, in the early stages of VC funding you are really building your business by yourself, especially if it unique to your narrative and the void in the market place that you are trying to fill.

So, you building your business but you need a business partner, especially if you tried all the platforms out there and still need major cash.

What are the traits that you should look for in business partner:

1. Is this person a serial entrepreneur? This is could be a bad thing because they only looking to build something to cash out fast and has no vested interest in the long term horizon of your business.

2. Is this person consistent? Some people are consistently a nice person or consistently an arrogant person but is a whiz in another area that you need. In either case, you should not have to deal with a person who changes with the wind. You need a b…

Are You A Mean Person?

Some people are subconsciously mean and don't realize it.

Here are some characteristics to find out if you are a mean person:

1. You question how friends and family got there success instead of being happy for them, no questions asked.

2. Do you bad mouth or exclude someone who has more education and experience than you ?

3.Do you go behind someone's back to find out if they are qualified for a position?

4. Do you use one bad thing in that person's past as ransom or to justify you doing an investigation on them, you say you are protecting the people around you, but your not.

5. Do you believe every negative thing that some has said about someone?

If you have truthfully, answer yes to any of these questions:

1. You are a mean person who acts out of fear and lack.

2. You are not comfortable with your own achievements.

3. You are not a person who open to learning new things from people whom you think are less than you.

4. You can't handle change so you do things that aren…

Tip Sheet #5: Ways Not to Blow It In Business

We are taking a break from our summer fun because we have been noticing a trend. And we care about you so this is one of our tip sheets.

Summer Tips:

1. Never ask a small business owner to do you a favor unless you know them for at least one year.

2. When at a professional based cocktail party, only say one sentence per person and make it unique not vulgar.

3. Always say please and thank you when someone has done you a favor.

4. Always show up with a small token when invited to someone's home.

5. Never pick someone's brain, and only ask one question related to your business, then keep it moving.

6. When attending an event, go for the event--purpose and just for swag and don't take more than one gift bag, unless you are willing to pay for it! You are not shopping!

7. When someone does you a favor, if you found that there information was helpful, say it to their face, no one wants to get talked about, even if it is in a positive way. Gossip is Gossip.

8. Remain humble, unles…

Fun Ways to Slim Down this Summer

How do you get your steps in and cardio on in a heat advisory?

We found some great fun ways to get fit and slim it down this summer:

1. Soul Cycle for a Charity-
Last week it is when they had there Soul Cycle for Save the Music Foundation where you listened to Jason Durelo music for 45 min. and worked up a sweat.

2. Stretching and Yoga at BlogHer-
Where the top bloggers in the country convened so did the most amazing experience of stretching and Yoga in a cool dark room, with other like minded individuals.

3. Well and Good
They had on that same day Yoga at the Beach in Montauk, LI at Surf's Lodge. You could have participated or hung out on the beach with others drinking healthy cocktails or have your hair braided.
check out activities such as Hip Hop Yoga or Cardio on the Beach at the end of August.

Of course SELF magazine got us on the right foot at the beginning of the summer with their round robin day of different work out options in the city.


New Market Opportunity: The 60 Plus Market

As more of us are aging and aging well, we have a huge 60 plus market that have a lot of wealth and stability are looking to start businesses or want to be included in the technology of today.

When we were at BlogHer Conference, they were several women whom we met who were over 60, who wanted us to do branding for them, or explain how to them how to twitter, or do a Google Plus Chat, and how to set up their blog.

When people think of the elderly and see Brad Pitt on the cover of AARP this isn't a true representation of a Senior Citizen.

Why we do need to create technology for the 60 plus market:

1. They own mulitple homes and are cultured.
2. They are the last generation that have  true generational wealth and are savers.
3. They are straight shooters and are unfiltered-- You always know where you stand with this market.
4. They are loyal- If they like you they love you.
5. They love to learn and are hip to popular culture- We were at a taping of The View and this group told us mo…

We Heart This... In Beauty

We are all for natural and a healthy lifestyle, and I am sure most of us have eliminated a lot from your diet or medicine cabinet.

However for the last several weeks we have come across something's that we HEART!

1. Sabon Lime Mint Soap:
This soap is made with plant glycerin, and natural essential oils. It comes by the pound and for 8.49 it is a wonderful treat. There are seasonal scents such as Mango, however our favorite is Lime Mint, it works well with any perfume.

2. LUSK:
Speaking of perfume, we were given samples of this incredible 100 percent oil based perfume or cologne either men or women can wear it, this scent is amazing! With the base being sandalwood, it is so wonderful.

3. 7 Free is BIG in the world of Cosmetics:
7 Free or 5 free means that 7 to 5 harmful chemicals that are found in nail polish are removed. So we were at Whole Foods getting dinner and a man was there selling his nail polish and nail polish remover so we bought his Indie line and Pacifica which is a m…

Summer Slim Down: Summer Soiree Recipes

BBQ's are laden with tons of things we should not eat, such as nitrates, cholesterol, etc.

So we are doing something different, we are hosting a Summer Soiree.


Baked Whole Wheat Tortilla with:

1. Chioplte Dip- Take chipolte in adobo blend with Greek yogurt
2. Mushroom and Garlic Dip- Saute Mushrooms and Garlic blend in food processor for a creamy dip

Main Course:

Rosemary and Garlic Grilled Chicken
Marinade overnight chicken thighs in lemon juice, rosemary, and garlic, par bake it for 20 min, then finish on the grill for that smoky taste.

Kale, Pear and Mushroom Salad with a Chive and Thyme Vinaigrette
Chive and Thyme Vinaigrette:
Take fresh chives, thyme, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and blend and pour over salad

Grilled Cauliflower Steaks with BBQ seasoning
Flash boil cauliflower then brush olive oil with BBQ dry rub seasoning

Homemade Seasonal Fruit Sorbet
Take fruits such as papaya and pineapple blend until smooth and freeze in a container overnight.


Business Building in the Summer

Building a Business In the Summer Months

So you have decided you need a little down time and you would take it easy during the summer months as VC’s and angel investors have flocked to their summer hideouts.

Well, while you are on vacation some other team in your space is doing the following:

If you are in NYC, they are going out East every weekend, not to party at the Sloppy Tuna, but they are going to the beach where families of the most wealthy go, if the ball happens to land in their space next to a family, they will ask you is up for a game of catch if they see young children. True story, I was in the Hamptons and a ball happened to fly on my blanket and instead of getting angry, I went over and saw it was a young child  with a family and friends, so I asked would wants to play a game a of catch, the family owned a VC firm.

Most charity events out East happens in summer months.  Remember to do research on the charity, especially if it is an obscure disease- more than likely wives of…

Summer Slim Down 2015: Easy Swaps

Easy Food Swaps for Weight Loss and Maintenance

Plain Greek Yogurt: If a recipe calls for mayo, sour cream or other high fat dairy foods  use Plain Greek Yogurt such as Fage, with no sugar. Use it for: Potato Salad Taco Night Mashed Potato’s instead of butter, milk and sour cream Milkshakes Cole Slaw

Nut or other Alternative Milks: Almond Milk Cashew Milk is great for everything, but if you have a nut allergy, then switch to the following alternatives: Hemp Milk- Great Omega 3 and not that sweet Rice Milk- Again great alternative with our the sugar or hormone content.

Cheese: Tofu Cream Cheese Tofu Ricotta Tofu Cheese

Meats: If you love red meat then, here are some great alternatives: Turkey Meat- Ground Turkey Meat for chili, taco night, lasagna, Italian Turkey Sausage, cook them as you would pork but with same seasoning.

Real Opportunities in U.S. Fashion

The Real Opportunities Within The U.S. Retail Market

Many people come to New York City with hopes of making it big in finance, technology, media, publishing, and if you are thin and pretty--fashion. However, it should be fashion, fashion, fashion, according to the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) in a study that was jointly conducted by The New York Economic Development Corporation,  

“Fashion is one of the largest industries in the city, producing 887 million dollars in economic activity. New York Fashion Week’s yearly economic impact includes about 547 million dollars in direct visitor spending, that is more than the 2014 Super Bowl, the New York City Marathon, and the two week U.S. Open Tennis tournament.” facts.

For the Fashion and Retail Startup Community in New York, there is more good news, “During the February 2015 New York Fashion Week, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development Alicia Glen triple the cu…

How to Upgrade Your Life

Ever feel as though you living in a bad sitcom where you are the odd woman out, but you know there is so much more potential within you and things you need to see, feel or experience in the world.

Well, here is a guide to upgrading your life:

1. If you live in your childhood neighborhood barring it was not Beverly Hills or the Upper East Side, then gradually venture into new neighborhoods.

2. If you shop at H&M or Zara or any other fast fashion clothing store, buy pieces that are classic so no one can really tell if they are from those stores.

3. A little glam goes a long, meaning silver or gold ballet flats with jeans and a cute solid color tee or tank shirt.

4. Great skin starts with hydration not tons of makeup so get your water in take in, a gallon a day keeps the doctors away.

5. In terms of makeup, do bold eyes and a nude lip or nude eyes and a bold lip, either or not both.

6. If you are in between coloring and have a problem with premature gray thick head bands are the way …

The Perfect Girls Night Out (GNO)

You want to get together with your girlfriends but, it seems as though everyone has different tastes or interests these days, here is how you put together an awesome GNO.

The Foodie Girlfriend:
 Have her pick the restaurant because she knows all the great restaurants and has been to every foodie festival including the mustard tasting event in your area. She is also the girlfriend who will actually write an in depth review on yelp on every restaurant that she went to in the last 2 months. Yup, she will pick out the restaurant.

The Beauty Junkie:
You know the one who has subscribed to every beauty box there and has a twitter alert go off when there is a beauty event in the area. Have her bring all her recent unused samples to your house and have a mini beauty party before you guys go out, she is sure to get a kick out of this and try to convince you to sign up for a beauty box, but she will have everyone looking fab.

The Fashionista:
The women are often the same as the beauty junkie, bu…