Are You A Mean Person?

Some people are subconsciously mean and don't realize it.

Here are some characteristics to find out if you are a mean person:

1. You question how friends and family got there success instead of being happy for them, no questions asked.

2. Do you bad mouth or exclude someone who has more education and experience than you ?

3.Do you go behind someone's back to find out if they are qualified for a position?

4. Do you use one bad thing in that person's past as ransom or to justify you doing an investigation on them, you say you are protecting the people around you, but your not.

5. Do you believe every negative thing that some has said about someone?

If you have truthfully, answer yes to any of these questions:

1. You are a mean person who acts out of fear and lack.

2. You are not comfortable with your own achievements.

3. You are not a person who open to learning new things from people whom you think are less than you.

4. You can't handle change so you do things that aren't nice.

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