Business Building in the Summer

Building a Business In the Summer Months

So you have decided you need a little down time and you would take it easy during the summer months as VC’s and angel investors have flocked to their summer hideouts.

Well, while you are on vacation some other team in your space is doing the following:

  1. If you are in NYC, they are going out East every weekend, not to party at the Sloppy Tuna, but they are going to the beach where families of the most wealthy go, if the ball happens to land in their space next to a family, they will ask you is up for a game of catch if they see young children. True story, I was in the Hamptons and a ball happened to fly on my blanket and instead of getting angry, I went over and saw it was a young child  with a family and friends, so I asked would wants to play a game a of catch, the family owned a VC firm.

  1. Most charity events out East happens in summer months.  Remember to do research on the charity, especially if it is an obscure disease- more than likely wives of VC’s, angels and CEO’s of major corporations will sponsor the charity that is the most closest to them.Go and start chatting and not pitching people, and if they ask you want do you don’t say startup, or my own thing,or I am looking into getting into this field. Instead say the general market that you want to serve, this will open up conversation, I am in consumer goods or in the luxury space, health care, digital marketing- once again this opens you to conversation with a potential investor, but if they detect a pitch, they will shut you down. Avoid step and repeats unless you are asked by the host and or your table mates to take a picture. Better yet offer to take a table selfie with someone else’s camera, builds trust and people will remember you doing a good deed for them.

  1. OK, you just can’t afford weekly trips on the Jitney or trips to Ibiaza, Spain, so you have to stay in hometown, if you live 20 miles within a major city London, Buenos Aires, Austin, San Francisco, NYC, you can attend events that are sponsored by all major accelerator or entreprenuerial based programs. Startup Grind that is a backed by Google Entreprenuers has at least one talk every month for the rest of summer in these major cities.

  1. Volunteer at a co-working space, contact a co-working space in your area and see if they are doing any launches that you can assist. Everyone needs helps especially, when Sept. comes around and things are suppose to be operational. But, suppose if “ I don’t live in a major city and can’t afford to move to one?”  Then contact a co- working space a major one such as WeWorks and be the Founder of the space in your city and your company, which says volumes to VC’s especially in the Mid West, if have an idea to revolutionize agriculture everyone from Wall Street would want to hear from you!
  2. If you decide you must get out of the country and holiday, then once again research to see if there are any events in your industry or general business events that you can devote one day going.
  3. Summer is a perfect month for you to get invited to events and is a perfect way to build relationships with owners of shops, through purchases and taking a true general interest in their business. Remember the power of connectivity!
  4. Follow- up after events, I went to a charity event and came across a product I really liked and purchased the product and wrote to the owner referencing how we met and a picture of people enjoying the product just as much as I did, they were so happy, and over the moon. Also, contact the host of the event and thank them for the event and having a great sponsor you never know the power for good karma never hurt anyone.

Those are our seven tips on how to build a business in the summer months.

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