Fun Things to Do in NYC

We found a list of things that you should check out during the summer months in NYC.

1. Surfing Lessons-
Yes, there is a bus that leaves from the LES round trip 40.00 to surf learn and surf the entire day in the Rockaways, you should also check out the Arepa and fish taco stand with watermelon agua fresca while you are out there.

2. Daybreakers
Before step and repeats and Celebrity DJ's who use an Apple playlist, Bottle Service, there was a place where you can go and enjoy yourself and just dance. We found that Daybreakers have exactly just that kind of feel, just go and dance and not be bothered about others, yes you socialize no silent disco's but the vibe is so good it is addicting.

3. Private and Art Clubs
There are several private clubs that have a small intimate setting where people discuss topics over a meal, think old European Salon's- Fairweather Access and Culturehoarde come to mind when I think about these exclusive escapes from the daily grind, with people who are down to earth, but highly intelligent.

4. Free Yoga
Yes free Yoga is cropping up every where:
Bryant Park
Central Park
Even the Samsung Studios

5. Free Meditation
I know, I can meditate by myself! I find when you mediate with like minded people, you attract people who are on your level. Anyway for the month of August Mediate with like minded people at the Highline.

6. Free Movies:
Everyone thinks of Bryant Park, but if you live Uptown Central Park Conservancy has free movies as well as walks, trails, etc.

So there is our list of fun things outside of networking that you can do in NYC and enjoy yourself!

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