How to Upgrade Your Life

Ever feel as though you living in a bad sitcom where you are the odd woman out, but you know there is so much more potential within you and things you need to see, feel or experience in the world.

Well, here is a guide to upgrading your life:

1. If you live in your childhood neighborhood barring it was not Beverly Hills or the Upper East Side, then gradually venture into new neighborhoods.

2. If you shop at H&M or Zara or any other fast fashion clothing store, buy pieces that are classic so no one can really tell if they are from those stores.

3. A little glam goes a long, meaning silver or gold ballet flats with jeans and a cute solid color tee or tank shirt.

4. Great skin starts with hydration not tons of makeup so get your water in take in, a gallon a day keeps the doctors away.

5. In terms of makeup, do bold eyes and a nude lip or nude eyes and a bold lip, either or not both.

6. If you are in between coloring and have a problem with premature gray thick head bands are the way in solid colors.

7. Statement necklaces only and not statement earrings.

8. Great under garments send a signal of class.

9. Mani and Pedi's must be spot on every week.

I think Ice Cube had a song "Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself." or in spiritual lingo Examine Your Motives before you go to an event.

1. If scour eventbrite pages only to choose the cheapest events that will give you a swag bag. You are better off ordering a box from Allure or Popsugar. Besides you will run into the same people who are just like you just going for the second rate products in the bag.

So, where do you go then?

Museums have the best jazz nights, invest in a membership which is fully tax deductible and go to there exhibitions, trivia nights.

Performing arts centers have out door events such as dance lessons, take advantage.

Have a light bite everyday for a month at the most trendiest place in your city.

Need an upgrade in friends?

Join an outdoor exercise class in the best neighborhood, you will have to invest in some lululemon clothing.

Go for facials every two weeks at a trendy spa you begin to meet like minded people who are getting ready for an event, if you are regular you begin to form bonds and people begin to recognize you and invite you places.

The key is to do something consistent for 30 days outside your comfort zone and you will see how life will dramatically change for you.

Cheers to upgrading your life without changing your inner values!

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