New Market Opportunity: The 60 Plus Market

As more of us are aging and aging well, we have a huge 60 plus market that have a lot of wealth and stability are looking to start businesses or want to be included in the technology of today.

When we were at BlogHer Conference, they were several women whom we met who were over 60, who wanted us to do branding for them, or explain how to them how to twitter, or do a Google Plus Chat, and how to set up their blog.

When people think of the elderly and see Brad Pitt on the cover of AARP this isn't a true representation of a Senior Citizen.

Why we do need to create technology for the 60 plus market:

1. They own mulitple homes and are cultured.
2. They are the last generation that have  true generational wealth and are savers.
3. They are straight shooters and are unfiltered-- You always know where you stand with this market.
4. They are loyal- If they like you they love you.
5. They love to learn and are hip to popular culture- We were at a taping of The View and this group told us more about about what was on TMZ than we knew.
6. They don't get bored easily- So they have brand loyalty.

How to find this market without coming across as though you are a business hungry person ready to exploit a new market opportunity.

Speak to VC's about their parents and grandparents, 9 times out 10 they are taking care of their parents or grandparents.

Go to reputable nursing homes and ask to speak to Executive Director about what they say the needs of their clients and families of their clients.

Not all of tech or the new market space should be filled with the extreme duplicity that we saw this Spring at the many tech conferences.

Cheers to all the great new products for the 60 Plus Market!

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