The Perfect Girls Night Out (GNO)

You want to get together with your girlfriends but, it seems as though everyone has different tastes or interests these days, here is how you put together an awesome GNO.

The Foodie Girlfriend:
 Have her pick the restaurant because she knows all the great restaurants and has been to every foodie festival including the mustard tasting event in your area. She is also the girlfriend who will actually write an in depth review on yelp on every restaurant that she went to in the last 2 months. Yup, she will pick out the restaurant.

The Beauty Junkie:
You know the one who has subscribed to every beauty box there and has a twitter alert go off when there is a beauty event in the area. Have her bring all her recent unused samples to your house and have a mini beauty party before you guys go out, she is sure to get a kick out of this and try to convince you to sign up for a beauty box, but she will have everyone looking fab.

The Fashionista:
The women are often the same as the beauty junkie, but if you guys are all the same size chances are she will have dresses that she didn't even know that she bought, raid her closet the day before.

The Entertainer:
She is the one who makes a side career of knowing when all the screenings are in your area and she always ran into someone famous. But, she will know where all the latest hot spots are and probably is on a list for new openings and screenings have her plan the activity after or before dinner.

So these are ways to get have the perfect GNO , but using all of the strengths of your girlfriends.

Cheers to GNO!!

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