Tip Sheet #5: Ways Not to Blow It In Business

We are taking a break from our summer fun because we have been noticing a trend. And we care about you so this is one of our tip sheets.

Summer Tips:

1. Never ask a small business owner to do you a favor unless you know them for at least one year.

2. When at a professional based cocktail party, only say one sentence per person and make it unique not vulgar.

3. Always say please and thank you when someone has done you a favor.

4. Always show up with a small token when invited to someone's home.

5. Never pick someone's brain, and only ask one question related to your business, then keep it moving.

6. When attending an event, go for the event--purpose and just for swag and don't take more than one gift bag, unless you are willing to pay for it! You are not shopping!

7. When someone does you a favor, if you found that there information was helpful, say it to their face, no one wants to get talked about, even if it is in a positive way. Gossip is Gossip.

8. Remain humble, unless you won a Pulitzer or had some other major achievement we really are not that special in grand scheme of things.

Cheers to NOT blowing it business!!!

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