Why Specialty Boxes Are On the Decline?

A few short years ago everyone couldn't wait when their POPSUGAR, BIRCHBOX, or other specialty boxes arrived.

I know at one point I was up to 10 subscription boxes with our monthly battle of the boxes posts.

But as the market shifted people really don't like subscription boxes anymore and here are some reasons:

1. If you live in a major city then you can go to any store and get the same products without shipping and handling.

2. Many people choose to go shopping now to determine if the shopping experience including customer service was worth spending money on that product, which most beauty brands give to subscription boxes.

3. Customers know when beauty brands that were "stale" are trying to rebrand themselves by giving beauty samples or promotional items to vendors.

4. Certain customers express that they would love to see new products and gift cards not coupons to retailers, without knowing that many new businesses can't afford to give away anything in terms of promotional items.

5. Shipping and handling did not cover theft and damage packages by postal workers and other mail carriers.


We would love to see every Estee Lauder brand do a sample box with an invitation to visit them at an in store event. It would certainly make me a loyal customer.

Stores such as Sephora, Ricky's and Sally's Beauty should do they same sample boxes with incentives for a personal in store photo shoot.

For beauty brands looking to rebrand themselves, the public need not pay for it at all! We should be given those products as testers along with a survey.

Consistency with customer experience and brands, brands can't be all inclusive on Social Media and TV and then act nasty to customers, that is truly a no Bueno in our book.

Yeah, we have cooking boxes but, no coupons or gift cards to the nearest grocery stores, also certain recipes are not family friendly at all.

So for culinary boxes they should partner with local grocery stores in the area for the ingredients and make them healthy and accessible for all.

Cheers to the reshaping of the specialty box!

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