"Drugstore" brands vs. Prestige brands

The beauty market is heating up, just two years ago brands like Maybelline, Cover Girl, Revlon, Olay and Neutrogena were doing okay.

These brands are now the prestige brands of the drugstore or chain stores.

There quality has dramatically increased and so has their prices.

Revlon's eyebrow shaper kit is priced on point with Sephora and rivals Anastasia.

Neutrogena made a comeback with their high quality make up wipes, all natural line of body washes, and lip colors in the chubby sticks that rivals Clinique.

Covergirl 24 hours lipstick with a base and  shine stick is so impressive that when I went to Saks a person at a prestige counter wanted to know where I got that lipstick.

Maybelline mascara has always taken the cake but their eye pigments in sticks and single palettes also rivals Sephora and MAC.

Olay brands have seriously upped their ante with an amazing brightening face wash, exfoliating brush, and even microdemabrasion kit, to rival that of famed Dr. Patricia Wexler.

So, you ask how does one save if drugstore brands have increased in quality and price.

I saved over 100.00 in Spring beauty savings by joining Beauty Clubs at the Drugstore chains, most beauty brands at these retailers will have two dollars off coupons at the beginning of the season when new products are being revealed.

So if you looking for quality and a lower price point then, I recommend you check these brands.

Cheers to a looking great!

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