How to Deal with Workplace Stress

Everyone has experienced some type of workplace stress.

In these days every seems angry and ready to pop off, even when I went for vitamin shots.

So, how do keep your cool and not let things get to you especially on the job.

1. Realize that YOU are not the founder of the company.

2. Your job does not compromise your identity. We are very skilled and talented beyond the 8 hours we give to our employers.

3. Compartmentalize your life, these are my co workers who I share a mutual employer with, these are not my therapist, BFF's, future husbands, wives, etc.

4. Develop relationships with people outside your work environment, even outside your industry, so your stress is minimal.

5. Never take business decisions personal, it is just that business. Businesses are designed to make money and maximize profits.

6. After every layoff downsizing, say thank God, you are moving closer to your purpose.

When I graduated from graduate school in 2006, I found myself out of a job by 2008 because of the horrible economy.

This was the biggest blessing because I started Positivexpert and learned everything about digital marketing and social media.

7. Keep focused on your position, it is okay for team work, but don't be so concerned about another co worker that, you constantly have to mention that they aren't doing their work.

8. Keep focused on what you want from this position and not how you can move ahead. Again be the best you and when the time comes people will notice your work and in some cases may recommend you for another position at another company, if there aren't any positions open within your current company.

9. Be cordial to everyone with out going over board. You are not scout master or Girl Scout Leader, you don't need to come in with gifts and baked goods for your coworkers.

10. Don't ever participate in Gossip, every one listens but no one trust anyone who is a gossiper.

Cheers to eliminating Workplace Stress!

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