Serious Game Changer in HR

Recently, I read an article from a HR manager in a reputable business magazine.

This person said they can spot a liar, instantly because:

1. A candidates education does not match their current experience.

2. A candidate doesn't fit the type that would come from that school.

3. A candidate doesn't have the years in a particular field that would match the job description.

Okay I have to stop.

In 2008 when the markets for finance and consulting literally bottomed out.

1. Many people with advanced degrees had to learn new skills set for new digital economy. Look for transferable skills-- financial management, team work, negotiation skills, who they partnered with in the past.

2. Digital, Social and Content Marketing are less than 10 years old. In fact Facebook just turned 12. So job specs or hiring managers can't demand a candidate to have over 10 years experience in a field that just turned 10.

3. What does a fit from a particular school mean, I was at a professional nextworking event at a very prestigious school  and there were women who wore blue nail polish. This woman actually was a Rhodes Scholar who currently works in banking.

As the economy and political landscape continues to drastically change, so should job descriptions and the human resources department.

Cheers to workplace change!

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