Spring Cleaning = New Wardrobe

My family and I were doing some major Spring Cleaning and I found a new wardrobe.

All of my Mom's smaller bags from the 60's when women went out on the town with gloves on with their potential husbands.

Nowadays these bags have made a comeback and no longer is it a badge of honor to walk around with 50 pound knapsacks.

Even my cousin who has a toddler carries everything in her fringe handbag, you would see at Coachella.

Plus, the importance of this was realizing how blessed we are to have so much!!

My mom realized that she has enough towels to supply Bed Bath and Beyond.

Books that are still relevant but we read are going to a library in underserved communities.

Other items such as Schift Beer trays are collectors items, time to learn how to refurbish.

Clothes, hats, and handbags, with tags on them is truly like going to a vintage store, except it's already paid off!

Cheers to Spring Cleaning and to your new wardrobe!!!

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