Summer Home Entertainment Tips

Summer time is when everyone comes to visit especially if you live near a big city.

Here are ways to cut costs:

1. Stock up on laundry detergent, ran into Target and there was this sale on a new brand, plus two dollar off coupon, plus a 5.00 off Target gift card.

2. Toilet paper stock up on the economy size plus paper towels.

3. Clorox wipes as you see your guest leave things just wipe up behind them it takes the load off after they leave.Especially the bathrooms.

4. Have Liquid Plumber Pro on hand for showers as well.

5. Food- Prepare one meal you love to do then, make it clear to your guests that the rest of the meals are on their own. Take them out to dinner one night.

6. Have a hospitality basket in their rooms, with all the things you would find in a beauty box for men and women.

7. Don't put out anything that you would regret later on hence remove your La Mer face cream and your SK II facial masks. Also, put away all valueables and breakable items.

8. Unless your guests specifically state we want to go here and there with you make no assumptions and allow them to go about their business.

9. Put out a snack bowl with packages of granola bars, chips, nuts, for them to snack on as well for them to take on their outings and on the plane.

Cheers to enjoying your guests by being prepared for their visit!!

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