Thanks for NoT Completing ME

Everyone says that old Jerry McGuire Film messed a lot of people men and women.

By this one sentence You Complete Me.

I never gave it much thought, until recently when a person I know put all her time and energy into a marriage and children and career.

Those were the world's and orbits and any chance for another to come into her life it was all about those three orbits.

So much so that people were turned off by this person because she talked about the orbits or in psychology she was enmeshed.

As time went on children left, marriage came to and end and career took it's course.

I know this could be any story line on any Real Housewives Franchise, which is really where I got this.

Anyway, the real question remains who are you without any of the titles or trappings of "success."

The real answer or challenge is your character strong enough to withstand anything, can you listen to people with out one upping them or cutting them off mid sentence?

Are you professional so even if industries changes or people walk out on you have the character that would make you employable?

Character is what sustains you not your resume.

Cheers to character building!

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