Work vs. Therapy

Recently, I was on a job interview or recruitment session and when people were asked "Why they would want to come to work in the morning?"

The answers that I heard was so awkward for a moment, I thought I was in group therapy.

I mean one person answered "I need things that would keep me busy, etc."

Until I remembered Sheryl Samberg's book Lean In when she pointed out that the main reason women don't get promoted is because they want their bosses to be there therapist.

At first I thought that was snarky, until I went to the recruitment event and no one said anything about how they can contribute to mission of the organization.

In a day of cause based marketing, social entrepreneurship, women empowerment, and tons of books and shows.

We should be aware that when you go on a job interview it is what skills and talents are you bringing to the table to help the organization.

Cheers to Leaning In!

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