Back to Fall Savings

Yeah  we are in the middle of  August and when I went into a  Target or Wal-Mart  it took me two hours to leave.

Because Of back to school shoppers.

But, in a  recent article by Refinery 29, they  said that Target prices  aren't always the cheapest.

So, I had to find out if this was true.

I  found for certain new items that you can get great  deals such as  Method and Seventh Generation products. Especially if they are launching a  new seasonal scent.

However,  the best place to purchase bulk cleaning items and paper goods is....

Home Depot.

Yup, Home Depot has the best prices in terms of everything that you need to  clean. There prices best Target,  Cosco, BJ'S  and Wal Mart by at least 15.00 in savings.

Another thing that I found to be  true is savings on meats.

Again,  I read this in Good Housekeeping,  a person advocating buying all ready  frozen meat, instead of fresh meat.

Again, I put this to the test with 50.00 dollars,  I went to the grocery store that sells prime meats.

I  bought Angus steaks, 2 packages of fresh chicken legs and 2 packages of chicken thighs, and a family pack of  Italian sausage.

I went early in the morning and the butcher told me when they were putting out the prime cuts and what was on sale that was not advertised.

The butcher advised not to buy frozen packages of bulk meats because you don't know how long it was there, essential you can be eating year old meat.

With my cart of fresh meats, my shopping bill was 42 dollars.

When I got home, I cleaned the chicken with  lemon juice and a vinegar, in cold water,  and let it sit for 10 min. threw away the water and portion the chicken accordingly,  into freezer tight  containers.

Sausage boil some for Sunday breakfast and then froze those. Rook some out of the  casing cooked it throughly for lasagna  or mix with veggies or stuffing, froze that.

Steaks were for dinner that night salt and  pepper on the grill then finish up in the  oven.

So, if you look in regular places you can find great  deals, you just have to ask.

Also,  if you look in uncommon places such as Home Depot,  you can  buy all your  cleaning needs for the  year for the  price of one trip.

Cheers to smart savings!

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