Beauty Spot: Elizabeth Arden Cosmetics

It's  back  to work  and though  it's  fun wearing  turquoise eyeliner on the  weekends.

We need  what  I  call investment  make  up that  we go into  the  work place and be taken  seriously.

The brand  that is long lasting , elegant  and will  win you the contracts and can give you a  great  date night  is Elizabeth Arden.

The  lipsticks  in
Iced Coffee  the brown  that  is not  too  dark.
Rose Berry this is  a soft  mauve  that is a great  substitute  for  the completely nude look.
Iced Grape which  is a again a soft  purple  that  doesn't  need toning down.
Bold Red in Matte , has great  brown  under tones.

The  eyeshadow in
Golden  Ivy
gives a subtle  shimmer  to the  brow bone.
Iridescent Pink
is so subtle and feminine it gives  a great finish  to your  nude look.
again is in the  gray family  and looks amazing
Desert Rose
again gives that pulled  together  look .

The lipsticks retail  for approximately  28.00 per tube.

The eyeshadow retails for 19.00.

At any high retailer or at their Elizabeth  Arden  Spas.

Cheers  to looking  great  and being  taken  seriously!

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