Case Study: Allure Beauty Box

The July Allure Beauty Box had  samples from prestige luxury brands.

If you  never tried  products  such as  Glam Glow, LA Mer,  Estee  Lauder, Allure gave you a  chance  to try what celebrities  rave about.

So why was this so special?

Because it coincided with Nordstrom ' s annual Anniversary Sale. So, if you really  loved that  Glam Glow Mud Mask, or the Clinique cubby lipstick, and  wanted more all you had to  do was log on  to  Nordstrom 's website and get  the product,  but so many wonderful products  such as Jo Malone was on sale that you  spent more than  you intended.

Also, if you went into any  Nordstrom before a certain date you could get your own  free sample  of a Bobby  Brown product.

Allure along with  Nordstrom increased Web traffic and sales that not only  contributed to the beauty products, but to other products. They also contributed to increased foot traffic because you  had to  go into their physical store to get the free sample, plus I am certain customers also  bought other items  at the  counter as well.

Not only was this good for  brick and mortar retailers, but for the magazine in terms of subcription and digital traffic to the website.

Cheers to a print publication that figured out  how to increase subscription, digital traffic and increase revenue for a classic  brick and mortar store.

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