Case Study : Ashley Stewart Stores

The plus size  market is on the  verge of becoming the next  multi billion market and could  attribute to steady sales within the overall  fashion industry.

Around five years ago many of the initial plus size  stores began to  close as straight  sizes began  to incorporate clothing  up to  a size 18  into  their  lines. Specialty stores such  as Ashley  Stewart  began to tinker on bankruptcy.

Until  the new Executive Chairman  and  CEO took  over the  Ashley  Stewart  stores, so what  did he do  differently???

He realized that  the internal infrastructure  needed work  and through  technology began  to  overhaul the inventory system, he studied  the demographics  of the  market, which  was  maturing  and needed a designer  overhaul  from trendy club outfits to career, weekend and specialty occasions.

After redesigning the main  product clothing, the next  step  was to figure  out  their  customer base, which were AfricanAmerican  women.

A successful relaunch takes partners!
The  new CEO reached  out to  the top plus  size  blogger  in the  country, The Curvy Fashionista,  who would  act as  part of  the  informal marketing  team.  Secondly,  location, location the first Ashley  Stewart store was opened  in  Brooklyn so that 's where they  went.

The day  was filled  with a  Sample  Sale, which  is new to the plus size  market, manicures by the  vegan  and 5 free nail polish  line Ginger and Liz which has been  featured in Allure Magazine , make overs by the  pioneer in  African American beauty Vera Moore who was the second next  to Madam C.J. Walker to become a  multi millionaire African American women in the  beauty market and whose company  is  100 per cent  equity owned. And the main  sponsor Mixed Chick's whose  hair care  line  caters to multi racial  women.

These partners have loyal customers of over 250 million  combined and their products  are in Tribeca salons, Target, Ricky 's, CVS, Walgreens and many  other  retail stores.

The  day  didn't  just end there it was  workshop on how to  be a  plus  size  model  and what  you  need as a part of  your modeling  kit. The difference  between freelance and agents.

The food was catered by local  vendors whose red velvet doughnut was amazing.
And the reveal  of the  updated clothing line that was all 40 percent off and if you  wanted to open  up  a Ashley Stewart credit card that  day you got  an additional  20 per cent off.

The day  was not only amazing with information about entrepreneurship, sample sales, awesome info and food.

This is the way you bring revamp a company  and capture  market share.

Cheers  to  Ashley Stewart!

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