Case Study : Eataly

It's  Foodie Friday, so naturally we had to  end with a  case study on food.

The food establishment we chose is Eataly. It is a wonderful Italian marketplace and restaurants in one. It's the only place where you can get authentic  olive oil, grilled puplo  or octopus and get the freshest  veal for authentic  Osco Busco.

So, why does this make our case study, it makes our cases because one of the  owners is Mario Batali, the world renowned chef and TV personality.

He knows how to select the finest  products for this concept store and restaurants, however in terms  of  expansion and business development and operations, he realized that  he needed the best business minds to do that without compromising what he knows best food.

Last spring at NYU he went to the  business school  and gave a wonderful  presentation on his business, why the food and beverage industry needs MBA 's.

Most of the people in business school are looking to be a founder,  Co founder and exit from the start up with a  high seven  figure pay out or be a unicorn.

And most people in the  food and beverage industry have culinary degrees and work on products and the day to day  operations of a  food or beverage company.

Mr. Batali  saw the opportunity to get the business minds that want to be in the  food and beverage business, but didn't have the access to the industry because of lack of specific credentials and pitched to that group of people.

This is a classic example of knowing your  strengths and knowing where to go  to  find compent people to expand your business.

Cheers to Mr. Batali the expansion of Eataly and a  great Foodie Friday!

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